Upcoming Events

​Pitter Patter Paws Footy Tipping!
Join us a PPP through the AFL season with a Footy Tipping Competition starting on the 16th of March!

Free to enter with the link below!


1st Prize: Daycare and Groom Bundle

2nd Prize: 1 Full Day of Daycare

3rd Prize: 1 Bath

Wooden Spoon: A Dog Treat

March Breed Days!

Every Monday through March we will be running discounted breed days!
If your pooch is the breed of the day get a full day of daycare for only $45!

Squishy Face Day!
March 7th
Pugs, Frenchies, bulldogs and any dogs with the cutest squishy faces welcome! 

Terrier Day!
March 21st
Jack Russels, Airedales, Foxys, and any other dogs with terrier in the name!

Skinny Dog Day
March 28th
Skinny Puppies, Italian greyhounds, greyhounds and whippets!