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Grooming Pricing

Our new grooming salon is located at 564 Racecourse Rd Flemington 3031, about a 5-minute walk from The Daycare. Parking can be found on Crown Street.

*Please do not park in the Saddlery/Mechanic Carpark. Thank you.* 

As we are at a busy intersection please be mindful of the heavy traffic and always have your dog on lead coming in and leaving the building.

Our staff do a range of grooms, from the Teddy Bear cut to the Lion. We also offer handstripping, nail trims and general beauty baths. Dogs are always supervised and cleaned up after as soon as possible by our lovely grooming team who will send your pooch home looking fabulous! Ring us to enquire today!

Groom Options

Beauty Bath
Bath and Tidy
Full Groom
Nail Clip and Ear Clean
Bath and Blow Dry
Full Brush Out
Feet, Face and Hygiene Clip
Full Body Clip + Styling


All Grooming prices are subject to change depending on breed, groom type, coat length, coat type, grooming difficulty and condition.

Beauty Bath
Small - $40 - $60
Medium - $50 - $70
Large - $60 - $85
X-Large - $70 - $95

Bath and Tidy
Small - $75 - $95
Medium - $85 - $105
Large - $95 - $120
X-Large - $110 - $130

Full Groom
Starting at:
Small - $85
Medium - $95
Large - $110
Extra Large - $120

*Breed specific cuts available but may incur additional fees

*Matting Fees are only incurred on overly matted dogs, the additional charge is up to the discretion of Staff

Additional Fees & Services
Nail Clip - $15
Ear Clean - $15
Anal Gland Expression - $25
Teeth Cleaning - $15
Flea Treatment - $15

Matting Fee* starting $15

Sizing Examples (ADULT SIZE)

Small - Chihuahua, Boston Terrier, Moodle, Toy Poodle.

Medium - Cavoodle, French Bulldog, Spoodle, Border Collie.

Large - Golden Retriever, Groodle, Airedale.

Extra Large - Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Bernese Mountain.

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